Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 Focus: When people are bugging me, I ask myself, ‘What can I do that will help them?’

Our natural expression is Love. Any other expression we find ourselves in is just a warp of our true identity.

One of the great things I learned from Tibetan Buddhism is that we pursue enlightenment not for ourselves, but so we can help others wake up, help others move beyond their suffering and difficulty. This value is quite different than what we have here in our culture where we think mostly in terms of ‘I’m better than you are’ or ‘I’m going to be enlightened before you are.’

There’s a great, great Buddhist practice of praying that others will wake up before you do. Boy! Does this ever change your relationship with the people who are bugging you! You begin to ask, ‘What can I do that will help them?’ It’s a very powerful meditation.

Excerpted from the article:   
No One Is An Island: We Are Companions, Not Competitors  —  by Margaret Wolff.


I release the need for guilt, and embrace true bliss.

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Guilt, shame, worry, fear, and other forms of self-censure are all toxic emotions. Any distressing emotion causes our body to produce cortisol, a hormone that when produced in excess (or kept in the body over an extended period of time) suppresses the immune system by shrinking the production of T-cells by the thymus gland.

When we embrace that which brings us joy, it is not so much the thing that we are embracing that opens us up to Bliss, but the act of embracing itself. It is through this embracing that we allow an inner alignment to take place, bringing about the possibility of living from a higher expression of our Selves — from our true Bliss.

You may just decide to release the need for guilt in every area of your life, and embrace the Bliss that is your inheritance!And so it is, that in the pure and holy embrace of Anything, we find our truest Self.

EXCERPTED FROM the article:
Embracing Your Bliss Through Chocolate
by Stasia Bliss.

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The Chocolate Fast: Embracing your Bliss one Truffle at a time!
by Stasia Bliss.

Why do we so often deprive ourselves or feel guilty about indulging in some of the most pleasant gifts life has to offer, including our own joy? In this book, explore how a 24-hour chocolate fast can be a metaphor and even a portal into the acceptance of our inner bliss.

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