Sunday, September 14th, 2014 Focus: I appreciate the unique gifts that each of us has to offer.

The gifts you carry, even if you do not know what they are or have not felt them stirring in you for decades, are needed by the rest of us.

If you allow yourself to know this, you will also come to recognize that in every person you meet, there is a seed of light. All those gifts are needed now. Each and every one of us belongs.

Only when we appreciate the unique gifts that each of us has to offer and the shining web of connection that holds us all can we open ourselves to the full potential of what we can achieve together.

Excerpted from the article:
A Revolution of Angels: Opening Ourselves To The Full Potential of What We Can Achieve Together
by Dawna Markova.

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Spot of Grace: Remarkable Stories of How You DO Make a Difference
by Dawna Markova.

You don’t have to discover penicillin, feed the poor in the streets of Calcutta, or be the first person to swim to Antarctica to make a remarkable difference in the world. The stories in Spot of Grace tell about moments when one person did something very simple — asked a question in wonder, smiled from the heart, risked a reach across the chasm of isolation so many of us experience. Extraordinary things start with these ordinary gestures. And as they grow and flourish, they can make a profound difference in someone else’s life.

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