Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 Focus: I choose to let go of judgment and embrace forgiveness.

Right Brain
Over many years of exploring ways to release childhood pain, in my own life and the lives of my patients, I’ve realized that the key to laying down our emotional burdens is letting go of judgment and embracing forgiveness—of those who hurt us, yes, but also of ourselves.

As a medical practitioner, I was delighted to come across the following quote from Joan Borysenko, co-founder of Harvard University’s Mind-Body Clinic, because of the integrative vision blending biochemistry, emotion, and spirit:

I can tell you as a biologist that when we step into the part of ourselves that doesn’t judge . . . enormous biochemical changes accompany that, changes in the neuropeptides from the emotional center of the brain, changes in our immune system and our cardiovascular system that are all consistent with good health.

Excerpted from the article:

Negative Love: Repeating Parental Behaviors
Written by Marcelle Pick

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