Friday, August 7th, 2015 Focus: I choose to see the core of goodness in the hearts of others.

When we change our way of seeing, we begin to live in a different world. If we approach others with respect and trust, with a great deal of patience and internal toughness, we will slowly begin to find ourselves in a compassionate universe where change for the better is always possible, because of the core of goodness we see in the hearts of others.

In this presumably sophisticated world, it is considered naive to be trusting. In that case I am proud to say that I must be one of the most naive people on earth. If someone has let me down a dozen times, I will still trust that person for the thirteenth time.

Trust is a measure of your depth of faith in the nobility of human nature, of your depth of love for all. If you expect the worst from someone, the worst is what you will usually get. Expect the best and people will respond: sometimes swiftly, sometimes not so swiftly, but there is no other way.

Excerpted from the article:

Actively Cultivating Peace as a Virtue in Day-to-Day Life
Written by Sri Eknath Easwaran.

Read more of this article…


Strength in the Storm: Creating Calm in Difficult Times
by Sri Eknath Easwaran.

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