Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 Focus: I give myself quiet space to listen to my own thoughts.

We live in a time of overstimulation. There’s not a moment when we’re not “on something” — such as the TV, radio, CD player, or cordless whatever. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t take a bath for more than ten minutes — just me and some bubbles — I also have to be on the phone, watching TV, or flipping through the pages of Newsweek. Suddenly, I’m not thinking about myself.

Maybe we’re all a little afraid of our own thoughts. Maybe afraid is too big a word — we’re just leery of them. So now I force myself to be alone with the one person I should know better than anyone — me. Try forcing yourself: Get on a stationary bike, or take a walk, without any other stimulation than your own thoughts. You’ll be surprised at what comes to mind — and usually those are the important things.

I’ll confess that I figured out this trick one day while I was way, way up in the canyons walking, and the most horrible thing on earth happened to me — the batteries in my Walkman died. And even a little battery prayer — “Please spirit of Duracell, let them work” — didn’t help. I was in a panic, wondering, Oh my God, what am I going to think about for the next 20 minutes? It was the beginning of self-discovery.

Excerpted from the article:
Are We Afraid of Our Own Thoughts?
Written by Jim Brickman.

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Simple Things by Jim Brickman with Cindy Pearlman.
Simple Things
by Jim Brickman with Cindy Pearlman.

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