Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 Focus: As I change my attitude about life, I learn to eliminate old, stressful reactions.

A certain amount of stress occurs in everyone’s life. We are all here to grow, and because we are all growing, we will experience stress. We all have challenges. Challenges will differ depending on who and where we are on our path.

Mentally, as we change our attitude about life and change our thinking in the process, we can do much to eliminate old, stressful reactions. Further, as we learn to let go and let God, new patterns emerge within us that project a new approach to life. Our thinking changes, thus bringing about new, more positive conditions to us. Then again, as we become interested in delving deeper into the spiritual, we discover that learning to be still greatly reduces tension on all levels, and we become peaceful as we learn to enter into that calm place within us.

Further, once accustomed to this space where we can come for serenity, comfort, guidance and direction, we begin to develop trust in our Creator as well as in our ability to make such contact possible. As we work together with our Creator, learning to listen as well as to obey the inner voice, stress begins to feel like a condition of the past. Although we may continue to experience it periodically as we test ourselves, we don’t remain in a tense situation for long. For we know that all we need to do is seek within for all that we need, whether it be comfort, love, guidance or wisdom and it will be there for us as we have asked.

Excerpted from the article:
Been Adding Stress to Your Life? It’s Time to Make Some Changes
Written by Jill Downs.

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The Awakening of the Heart: The Soul’s Journey from Darkness into Light
by Jill Downs.

Click here for more info and/or to order this book.


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