Monday, January 19th, 2015 Focus: Each day I try something different, something outside my comfort zone.

We all have an affinity with repetition and habit, often when there’s no good reason for it. It’s just familiarity, our comfort zone. Like all of us, you probably have a few routines or set ways into which you’ve slipped without even noticing. You have all kinds of automatic behaviours, personal preferences and routines that you probably aren’t even aware of – everybody has. Because that’s what habits are – action without thought.

This week we’re going to turn the spotlight onto your own personal habits. We’re going to help you gain some self-insight and identify some of these. Bring them out into the open and hold them up to scrutiny. Then, each day, you’re going to try something a bit different. Something that’s just outside your comfort zone and will expand you as a person. If that sounds a bit scary, remember it’s natural to feel that way.

By following the Do Something Different programme, you will not only seek out new experiences but you’ll also expand your behavioural flexibility. This makes you more open to fresh opportunities that were hidden behind your old, one-dimensional approach, perhaps opening doors that you’d never even noticed before.

Excerpted from the article:
Do Something Different: How to Break Habits and Routines
Written by Karen Pine & Ben [C] Fletcher

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Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different
by Karen Pine and Ben Fletcher.

Love Not Smoking uses scientifically proven psychological techniques to train your brain to anticipate different rewards; swap old habits for new, revitalizing ones; and learn new ways to relieve stress and get more pleasure out of your days. Giving up smoking doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Forget willpower and withdrawal — the six-week LOVE NOT SMOKING program will help you quit for good and also give you the tools for reclaiming your passion for life.

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