Friday, January 16th, 2015 Focus: The real me does not need fixing.

The real you does not need fixing. Only the surface layer of you seems to need improvement.

Your innate wholeness has never been damaged except in your thoughts. You have been taught that life is a problem, you are defective, and you must face and overcome an endless series of issues and obstacles before you can be enough. None of that is true.

Your perfection is unsullied, and your brokenness is illusion. You are not a black hole that needs to be filled. You are a light that needs to be shined. Less fixing, more savoring. You and I walk a healing journey. We progress toward wellness more when we proceed from wellness than when we seek it.

Excerpted from the article:
The Isness Business: Less Fixing, More Savoring
Written by Alan Cohen.

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Enough Already: The Power of Radical Contentment
by Alan Cohen.

In a world where fear, crisis, and insufficiency dominate the media and many personal lives, the notion of claiming contentment may seem fantastic or even heretical. In his warm, down-to-earth style, Alan Cohen offers fresh, unique, and uplifting angles on coming to peace with what is before you and turning mundane situations into opportunities to gain wisdom, power, and happiness that does not depend on other people or conditions.

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