Saturday, January 10th, 2015 Focus: There are no such things as problems or failures — only opportunities.

Most of us dream of the day when we won’t have any more problems, when everything will be resolved, and our lives will be “complete”. But problems are an important and valuable part of our lives, and instead of trying to eliminate them, we should strive to understand exactly what they are.

Nothing happens by chance. We are a part of a universe that is forever giving us definite messages and signals, often in the form of problems. It is not an accident or coincidence that a particular problem is happening to you at any given point in your life; our difficulties are signposts waiting to be read.

Ask yourself: What is the problem I’m experiencing telling me about myself? What is it telling me about my thoughts? Beliefs? Actions? Choices? Lifestyle? What is this problem trying to tell me? Look closely, and see if you can find the real cause. If you always feel sorry for yourself or helpless when a problem comes your way, you’ll miss the important messages it brings you.

Excerpted from the article:
There Are No Such Things As Problems or Failures — Only Opportunities
Written by John Kehoe.

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