Saturday, December 27th, 2014 Focus: I practice letting go of thinking too much.

Thinking all of the time is a habit, a destructive one at that. In my opinion, thinking is one of the most harmful habits on the planet. It causes a huge amount of conflict, self-violence, stress and suffering. As you let go of the mind you naturally rest back into the deep, clear and infinitely loving sea of consciousness that has been holding you your entire life. For many, it feels like coming home.

Meditation provides a safe arena to practice letting go of thinking too much. You can sit in the safety of your own home and in the comfort of your favourite chair (but not so comfortably that you will inevitably fall asleep!) and explore what it is like to rest in the still silent context of your conscious awareness.

Cultivating the habit of context awareness requires the investment of your time and the courage to stop and meditate for about 10 minutes, 2 times each day. Irrespective of how busy your mind says that you are and how much you need to get done, you do it anyway. With this kind of commitment, you can move mountains.

Excerpted from the article:
Get Motivated to Meditate: Closing Your Eyes To Wake Up
Written by Sandy C. Newbigging.

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Thunk!: How to Think Less for Serenity and Success
by Sandy C. Newbigging.

Ever wish you could stop your mind from working overtime? Your mind is a remarkable tool that you are meant to ‘pick up’ and use when required, and then ‘put down’ when you’re done thinking. With this fun and enlightening book, meditation teacher Sandy C. Newbigging shares advice and exercises for changing your relationship with your mind so that you can enjoy the serenity and success that comes from freeing yourself from thinking too much.

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