Sunday, December 7th, 2014 Focus: I give the people around me the space to make their own “mis-takes”.

In this movie of life, there are many “mis-takes”. Just as in Hollywood, it may take many “takes” to get a scene “just right”, so in life it takes many “mis-takes” to get our life in balance… and everyone is rewriting their script as they go along, making decisions that turn out great, and others that necessitate a change down the road…

Let’s give ourselves and the people around us the room to make mis-takes. After all, no “perfect” invention or “perfect” scene was created on the first try. It took many wrongs to finally get it right. Each of those “wrongs” actually contributed to the end result. Without the mistakes, the “perfect” solution may never have been found.

In the same way that we need to give our children room to make their own “mistakes” so they can learn, we need to give the people in our lives room to make their own “mis-takes” as well. So, maybe by giving the people around us the space to make their mis-takes — without the “benefit” of our judgments and anger — maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to discover the perfection of it all. Happy movie making!

Excerpted from the article:
Being Right: I’m Right, and You’re Wrong!
Written by Marie T. Russell.

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