Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 Focus: I take the risk of being vulnerable rather than hiding away.

The refusal of flow — the missed opportunity for learning — is often easily noticed by those on the outside, while the person who has missed the chance cannot see it at all.

Synchronous events are all around us, but we have to open our hearts to what is going on and take the risk of being vulnerable rather than hiding away. Opening the heart is another way of saying that we need to operate from a place that is not ego-based; and feeling like a victim can sometimes be a powerful ego mind set, since it allows us to blame others.

The descent into the self shows us how we can strip away our ego fixations. Once these are gone, we’ll see how we, ourselves, helped to bring about the situations we’re in. That’s when we can learn from them and let them go.

Excerpted from the article:
Missed Opportunities: Refusing the Flow
Written by Dr. Allan G. Hunter.

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The Path of Synchronicity: Align Yourself with Your Life’s Flow
by Dr. Allan G. Hunter.

Synchronous moments are more than pure chance, coincidence, and dumb luck; this book shows that by recognizing them as a connection to a much larger, older pattern, readers can use the myths of culture and 1,000-year-old civilizations to guide themselves out of suffering and into tranquility. Starting with a new explanation of synchronicity and then offering practical instructions and exercises to tap into this collective wisdom, the book helps readers identify the mythic patterns that guide humanity, allowing them to face inner monsters without fear, convert them into love and compassion, and relax as part of a universal harmony.

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