Friday, October 17th, 2014 Focus: I choose to be true to my inner guidance, and trust that it will always lead me to greater good.

If everyone was being true to Self, there would be no war, no hatred, no problems on Earth. Now that may sound like a pretty far-fetched statement, yet stop for a minute and think about it. Would there be wars and killings if the people involved were true to their Higher Self — their own ‘higher’ nature? Of course not!

Even on a smaller scale — such as ‘warring’ with the people around you — following your Truth is always the path of growth, harmony, and inner peace. On those occasions where you have followed your truth, even when it seemed like it would hurt someone or disappoint them, did it not, in the long run, turn out for the best for both you and the other person involved?

There are times when we thought we ‘should’ choose a particular course of action in order to avoid hurting someone. Yet, how do we know what the “greater scheme of things” needs for its accomplishment? The only thing we can do is be true to our inner guidance, and trust that it will always lead us to greater good.

Excerpted from the article:
Being True to Your Self: The Path to Happiness and Joy
Written by Marie T. Russell.

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Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth
by Brad Blanton.

Radical Honesty is not a kinder, gentler self-help book. In it Dr. Brad Blanton shows us how stress comes not from the environment, but from the self-built jail of the mind. What keeps us in our self-built jails is lying. “We all lie like hell,” Dr. Blanton says. “It wears us out…it is the major source of all human stress. It kills us.” Not telling our friends, lovers, spouses, or bosses about what we do, feel, or think keeps us locked in that jail. The way out is to get good at telling the truth. Dr. Blanton provides the tools we can use to escape the jail of the mind. This book is the cake with the file in it.

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