Saturday, October 4th, 2014 Focus: I choose to follow the suggestions of my inner guidance.

A lot of times in life, our intuition or inner guidance suggests a particular course of action. And at times, we don’t see “why on earth” that would be a good thing to do. So, then, we have a choice as we always do – it’s called free will.

If we’ve become dependent on the ego making choices for us, then perhaps we don’t listen to our guidance and end up, further down the road, banging our head against the wall… remembering, or maybe not, that our intuition had suggested a different course of action.

However, there are times, and hopefully more and more of them, when we choose to follow the suggestion of our inner guidance and take the step that we intuitively feel is the right one. And what happens? Sometimes it’s an instant recognition that it was the right choice — other times it can take years, but at some point we realize that our guidance or intuition was right! Isn’t it always?

Excerpted from the article:
Strengthening Your Intuition While Playing Spider Solitaire
Written by Marie T. Russell.

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