Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 Focus: I choose to make a sincere attempt at emotional purification.

If you make a sincere attempt at emotional purification, the vicious cycle of negative experiences generating further negative experiences will be replaced by a cycle of positive feelings toward others, generating understanding and empathy in family, friends, collaborators, and the community.

Recovering your ties with others and with nature, integrating your mind and body, and transforming your emotions are ends as well as means. They are valuable in themselves and also serve as steps on the road to further growth.

When you are grounded in your body and centered in your emotions, when you are in touch with nature and with others around you, you can open your body-mind to the world and become a positive part of its transformation.

Excerpted from the article:
How to Evolve Your Consciousness
Written by Ervin Laszlo.

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Chaos Point 2012 and Beyond: Appointment with Destiny
by Ervin Laszlo.

According to Ervin Laszlo, we are at a critical juncture in history, a “decision-window” where we face the danger of global collapse–or the opportunity for global renewal. He presents a concise overview of the current crises we face (environmental, social, economic, and institutional), persuasively arguing that if something is not done quickly, we face disaster. We have the opportunity right now to head off trends that could lead to a critical tipping point. Laszlo’s solution is a global consciousness shift that entails a new universal morality, a new ecological awareness, and a reverence and caring for the earth. Included here are concrete suggestions of what the reader can do to promote this shift in evolutionary consciousness.

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How To Clear, Heal, Energize, and Protect Your Energy Frequency
Written by Joanne Brocas


The Subconscious Has Power When Directed in Faith
Written by Florence Scovel Shinn


Mastery of Self: All Things In Your System Doing Their Work Perfectly
Written by Christian D. Larson


How Capitalism, Democracy, and Liberal Education Must Change
Written by Amit Goswami, Ph.D.


Making Medicines at Home with Common Plants and Weeds
Written by Peter Bane


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