Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 Focus: I let go of all blockages to Spiritual awareness.

For the Spiritual perspective, every health crisis — every experience of disease in any area of your life — is an opportunity for you to reclaim your responsibility as a Spiritual being, to reclaim your ability to realize and send forth your truth as a being of Spirit.

From this perspective, blame is always an inappropriate response to illness or disease. Blaming, whether blaming myself or someone or something else for my disease, misses the point.

The point is always to wake up starting from here and now, to let go of all blockages to Spiritual awareness, and actively turn your awareness back to your Spiritual truth. For the Spiritual-Holistic view, that is the message and the gift of disease — or more generally, that is the message and the gift of every life experience.

Excerpted from the article:
Opportunities to Heal Your Life and Be “In Synch” with Spiritual Truth
Written by William R. Yoder

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