Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 Focus: I remind myself that fear is based on a future which does not exist and is simply a possibility.

Fear is based on a future which does not exist and is simply a possibility. Fear can be seen as an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real. What we fear is simply a figment of our imagination, a projection into the future based on either past memories or current beliefs.

If we go out in the world projecting suspicion and fear, then our “inner magnet” will attract more of the same. Love is the key which opens the door to the future we desire. This is true even if we are surrounded by chaos. So, which will you choose now, love or fear? What about in five minutes? In 2 hours? Tomorrow? It is an ongoing decision.

Even when presented daily with reminders of the fear presence in the world, even when our doubts are being reinforced by the fears and experiences of others, we must remain “aloof” from that energy and remain grounded in the presence of Love. Remain in the “now”, knowing that this moment is all there is. The past is done. The future doesn’t yet exist.

Excerpted from the article:
Feeling Fear… but Choosing Love
Written by Marie T. Russell.

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Love is Letting Go of Fear
by Gerald Jampolsky.

After more than thirty years, Love Is Letting of Fear continues to be among the most widely read and best-loved classics on personal transformation. Both helpful and hopeful, this book has guided millions of readers along the path of self-healing with its deeply powerful yet profoundly humble message. Embrace it with an open mind and a willing heart and let it guide you to a life in which negativity, doubt, and fear are replaced with optimism, joy, and love.

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