Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 Focus: As I let go of anxiety, I increase my ability to take care of myself in the present moment.

Right Brain
Biologically, human beings tend to have the same basic pain-pleasure reflexes as other animals. We are programmed by our genes to contract away from pain and suffering, and to move toward pleasure and enjoyment. It’s our nature to choose to enjoy each moment. So how have we ended up focused overmuch on the agony of worrying, rather than focused on the pleasures of joyous living?

One of the main reasons is that human beings have the capacity to imagine all sorts of terrible things happening in the future, unlike other animals, who appear not to have this cognitive capacity. Whenever we’re lost in future projections and worrying, we’re not present in the here and now and, therefore, can’t perceive, respond to, and effectively deal with any dangers that confront us.

In this light, worrying can be a dangerous act. When we’re anxious, our minds and bodies tend to dysfunction. As a general rule, worrying makes us contract, become nervous and dizzy, think less clearly, and perform physically at a much lower level. When we think ourselves into a state of anxiety we actually reduce our ability to take care of ourselves in the present moment.

Excerpted from the article:
Granny: My First Spiritual Teacher and Role Model
by John Selby.

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