Saturday, September 13th, 2014 Focus: I allow myself to accept an abundance of time, love, success, health, and money.

The Record
When we use the term prosperity, a lot of people immediately think of money. However, there are many other concepts that come under the auspices of prosperity, such as: time, love, success, comfort, beauty, knowledge, relationships, health, and, of course, money.

If you are always feeling rushed because there isn’t enough time to do everything you want, then you have lack of time. If you feel that success is beyond your reach, then you are not going to get it. If you feel life is burdensome and strenuous, then you will always feel uncomfortable. If you think you don’t know very much, and you’re too dumb to figure things out, you will never feel connected to the wisdom of the Universe. If you feel a lack of love and have poor relationships, then it will be difficult for you to attract love into your life.

Many of you tell me that there is never enough money in your lives. What do you let yourself have? Abundance and prosperity is about allowing yourself to accept. When you’re not getting what you want, on some level you are not allowing yourself to accept. If we are stingy with life, then life will be stingy with us. If we steal from life, life will steal from us.

Excerpted from the article:
Receiving Prosperity in the Form of Love, Time, Health, and Money
by Louise Hay.

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This article was excerpted from:

The Power Is Within You
by Louise Hay.

In The Power Is Within You, Louise L. Hay expands her philosophies of loving the self through: learning to listen and trust the inner voice; loving the child within; letting our true feelings out; the responsibility of parenting; releasing our fears about growing older; allowing ourselves to receive prosperity; expressing our creativity; accepting change as a natural part of life; creating a world that is ecologically sound where it’s safe to love each other’; and much more. She closes the book with a chapter devoted to meditations for personal and planetary healing.

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