Saturday, September 6th, 2014 Focus: Each portion of forgiveness that I complete brings new strength and detachment to me and my story.

Painful dramas aside, the people in our family are ours for a lifetime, to live with, to learn from, and to enjoy the best we can. There is so much more enjoyment to be had in our relationships if we consciously try to see the good in people and take the responsibility to clear out the buildup of irritation that gathers inside us from a series of disappointed expectations.

I am so thankful that I managed to forgive and heal my relationship with my father, which was the most painful relationship I’ve ever had with anyone. He was a practicing alcoholic until I was fourteen. I was the oldest child, and in some ways I took the brunt of that family disease.

It took several distinct chunks of forgiveness work, which spanned a period of about five years, to completely heal this broken relationship. Each portion of forgiveness that I completed brought new strength and detachment to me and my story. As I healed, a calm, clear flow of unconditional love began to grow between my father and me. Step by baby step, we awkwardly sought ways to connect with each other in sincere goodwill during the last five years of his life.

Excerpted from the article:
How to Heal a Painful Family Relationship
by Mary Hayes Grieco.

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unconditional FORGIVENESS
by Mary Hayes Grieco.

Forgiveness is about healing wounds and wiping away scars. It’s about living your life with purpose and truly moving forward. In Unconditional Forgiveness, Mary Hayes Grieco offers a simple, effective eight-step program that teaches readers how to completely forgive in order to achieve both emotional and physical well-being. This step-by-step method incorporates emotional, energetic, and spiritual Components that are accessible to everyone and offer lasting success.

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