Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 Focus: I adopt a responsible role for maintaining my own energy body’s health.

Remember that whatever the source of your energy leaks, you are the one who is best able to make changes that will bring about improved energy levels in your life.

As tempting as it may seem to blame someone or something else for past injustices or handicaps in your life, you will gain the most energy from adopting a responsible role for maintaining your own energy body’s health.

“Giving away” your power by playing victim merely continues old patterns of unhealthy energetic connections.

Excerpted from the article:
Is Your Aura Losing Energy? Feeling Victimized?
by Cynthia Sue Larson.

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Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain Your Desires and Attract Success
by Cynthia Sue Larson.

The book explores what an aura is and how it works. It also offers detailed guidance on how you can see and feel your aura, and how to strengthen and transform it, plus ways of attracting what you most desire, and how to protect yourself against what you least want. Part Three provides several valuable aura meditations for everyday life.

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