Thursday, August 28th, 2014 Focus: I harness the power of my mind and have it work for me.

Our greatest challenge may be to learn to listen… to listen to our “inner chatterer” so that we can “set him/her straight” using positive feedback, supportive self-talk, affirmations, etc. Any feelings of guilt need to be addressed as they will close the door to our good. Any feelings of unworthiness, hatred, thoughts of revenge, etc. also have to be dealt with.

Any of this “negative energy” or these negative thoughts serve as a wall blocking us from our good. So while you may think you’ve been asking for a raise, a good relationship, prosperity, (or whatever) you may really have been saying (inside yourself) that you are not deserving of these things…

We are powerful beings. The power of our mind is awesome. We can learn to harness that power and have it work for us rather than against us. All it takes is our taking the time to pay attention to what we REALLY think and and focus on changing those thoughts to supportive ones.

Excerpted from the article:
Why Aren’t You Getting What You Want?
by Marie T. Russell.

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