Thursday, August 21st, 2014 Focus: To move anger energy constructively, I acknowledge it as mine, as residing within myself.

It’s human to feel angry when experiencing an injustice or violation. The first tool is dealing with the emotion itself by moving the hot, surging, wordless energy out of your body constructively. Think about a small child in the supermarket. When he’s denied the sugar cereal he saw on television — an injustice in his eyes — he flops on the floor and throws a tantrum. He spontaneously moves that energy out of his body in whatever loud and outrageous way it comes. At some point, it’s over. He cries, falls asleep, or gets absorbed in something else. He’s then back, fully present with no negative lingering after effects.

Transforming your anger takes surrendering your pride because adults too need a physical way to move anger energy. To expel this emo­tion, you need to do something where you can safely let go, such as yelling into a pillow, stomping around, or pushing against a doorjamb. What’s important is you don’t destroy anything of value (including yourself) while getting rid of the physical sensations. Make hard and fast movements with total abandon until you experience a noticeable shift and feel the anger energy dissipate.

What you think and say to yourself while pounding is crucial. Blam­ing or cursing others will only perpetuate your anger. Other people and situations are just convenient targets. To move the energy constructively, you need to own it as yours, as residing within you. While pounding or pushing, make primal sounds, grunt or growl or say, “I feel angry. I feel so frustrated.”

Excerpted from the article:
Learning to Shift from Anger to Love
by Jude Bijou, M.A., M.F.T.

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