Friday, July 11th, 2014 Focus: When I listen to my Soul, and allow it to guide me, it shows me how I can create a happy life, filled with love, magic and miracles.

Please be aware of the ego, as we all have one, and it talks to us constantly. It is really important we learn how to tame it, and understand the energy it carries. We can distinguish the energy of the Soul from the energy of the ego by looking at the energy behind every choice we make.

If the energy behind our choice was fear, judgment, criticism, arrogance, anxiety or helplessness, then we can be certain that we have listened to the ego. If the energy behind our choice instead was love, inspiration, gratitude, happiness and feeling of being of service, then we know it was our Soul that was speaking to us. When you listen to the ego, you will feel tense, empty, frustrated or negative, and when you listen to your Soul you will feel uplifted, happy, loving and peaceful.

When you listen to your Soul, and allow it to guide you, it will show you how you can create a happy life, filled with love, magic and miracles. Because that is who you are: you are a divine being of love. When you choose to listen to your Soul, you are giving to others the most amazing gift, because you are allowing your Soul to share its divine uniqueness with the world, giving others permission to do the same.

Excerpted from the article:
How The Ego Can Hijack The Spiritual Journey
by Cissi Williams.

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