Saturday, July 5th, 2014 Focus: I find opportunities for valuable lessons and personal growth in my predicaments and challenges.

Many people in North America learn about the nature and role of hurricanes both through first-hand experience and through shamanic journeying. Even though threatened with the real possibility of injury or property damage, those who can work with their predicaments and challenges from a shamanic worldview find opportunities for valuable lessons and personal growth. They are the ones who can step beyond their fears and find a place of acceptance and grace. They do not forget that we have the option of relating to that which could otherwise victimize us, and so they are able to claim their own stance of strength and endurance.

A primary and effective way to work with the weather is to honor it. This refers to the kind of honoring that combines respect with love for the storm, or any other element of weather, as another living being, and that recognizes that, no matter how we may feel about its effects, it is a being with a purpose — a divine purpose, if you will. Honoring allows for the role that we each must play and creates a space for true collaboration.

It is never as simple as “if we do this, then that is what will happen.” That’s the catch. That is the challenge in all instances of relating to and working with weather. As shamanic practitioners, we may each have our own individual ways of addressing and working with the spirit of a storm and its potential to harm; yet if we infuse our relating with respect and with love, then we comport ourselves as real human beings.

Excerpted from the article:
Honoring Hurricanes: Relating to and Working with the Weather
by Nan Moss with David Corbin.

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