Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 Focus: I listen to the messages that come with my challenges and discover the gifts they bring.

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One of my favorite fruits is the mamey. Now on the outside a mamey doesn’t look like much. It is brown and has a skin texture resembling dark coarse sandpaper. Yet, when you cut into a ripe mamey, what greets you is a wonderful dark orange fruit which is sweet and has a texture like custard. The outside has no resemblance to the inside.

And so, in many cases, with the challenges in our life. To continue with our fruit analogies, some of our challenges resemble a coconut — hard, tough, rough, and with seemingly no way to have anything wonderful about it. Yet, once you crack it open, the “meat” of the coconut, while hard, is sweet. In the same way, the outside of the challenge (the hard part) seems terrible. It makes you want to simply run and leave it there. But if you persevere and get to the center of the challenge, past the hard tough rough exterior, you reach the reward, the fruit. The lesson or the gift of the challenge is usually well worth the challenge.

But what often happens to us, in this world of instant gratification, is that we often don’t hang around to get the gift of the challenge. As soon as a relationship is a little rocky, we say “so long”. As soon as a little challenge pops up, we either turn on the TV to ignore it, or go into denial and pretend it doesn’t exist. As soon as we get any symptom of pain, we take a pain-killer. As soon as we get a slight feeling of illness, we pop one pill or another. Yet, each challenge comes with a message, with a gift, that we can only discover if we listen to what it has to say.

Excerpted from the article:
Your Body Is Talking to You! Are Willing to Hear What It Has to Say?
by Marie T. Russell.

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