Saturday, June 21st, 2014 Focus: I now understand that placing blame never solves anything.

Unfortunately, most of us are not aware (unless we stop to think about it) that we often have a need to blame. If the conditions in our lives are not to our liking, then let’s blame someone “out there.” Yes, let’s blame our outer enemy, when really it’s our inner enemy (whom we don’t see) generating this need to blame.

But, we’re not even aware that we have an inner enemy, nor that we hide behind that enemy. We’re not aware that we blame the enemy (which we think is outside of us) instead of taking responsibility ourselves. We haven’t understood who our real enemy is! (There are those who have been conditioned to obediently and automatically take the blame, regardless of the circumstances. When a person recognizes this, usually in their adulthood, they can change this behavior, and the belief that drives it. This is important to understand, as the belief is perpetuated by the inner enemy.)

What some of us haven’t understood is that placing blame never solved a problem. (When you think about it, isn’t placing the blame on others taking the easy way out?) Blaming only heightens the problem. Blaming keeps us from taking responsibility and being accountable. And by not taking responsibility or being accountable, our True Self is slowly losing its identity and eroding away. By not accepting and facing the strong possibility that there is an inner enemy, IT is running the show. And as long as IT is running the show, we are stuck!

Excerpted from the article:
Blame and Shame: How Our Inner Enemy Plays the Game
by Karol Truman.

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