Monday, June 16th, 2014 Focus: I choose to be aware of the potential to be grateful in any given moment.



Have you ever asked yourself, “What brings me lasting happiness?” It is a good question. A lot of people answer this in the future tense: When I have a lot of money I will have lasting happiness. Or when I find the perfect partner (or make my partner into the perfect partner) then I will be happy. Perhaps the answer is when they are in better shape, needing to finish their education, become famous, retire from a job they don’t like, when they have children, when their children are grown and out of the house and the list of future objectives goes on and on.

We have the potential to be happy with the people that we are with, whether it is a partner, child, parent, co-worker or friend. Our happiness does not depend on something they do or say to us, or our ability to change them. Our happiness lies in how we deal with the present moment, whether we are resentful, guilty, afraid, angry or simply grateful. It is the gratitude that can bring us right into the present moment, and open the door for happiness.

For me being aware of the potential to be grateful in any given moment has brought me so much happiness. In the act of being grateful, I feel connected to an energy higher and more expanded than my own human mind. In the act of being grateful I feel loved. And so for me, gratitude, is the key to happiness. Even in our worst or saddest moments, the act of gratitude can open the door to a different experience.

Excerpted from the article:
Secret of Lasting Happiness Opens the Door to a Different Experience
by Joyce Vissell.

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