Friday, June 13th, 2014 Focus: I rediscover the simple basics of life that provide the balance I need.

Our lives are often so cluttered and busy that we find ourselves racing to keep up.

What we lose are the simple basics of life that provide the balance we desperately need: walks in nature, unhurried time with our loved ones, precious quiet time alone for meditation or reading, or just being mindfully grateful for the many gifts around us.

Changes don’t have to happen overnight but if your life is tied up, start loosening the knots.

Excerpted from the article:
Healing Process: Twelve Simple Steps
by Cheryl Canfield.

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Profound Healing: The Power of Acceptance on the Path to Wellness
by Cheryl Canfield.

Profound Healing is Cheryl Canfield’s down-to-earth account of her journey as she inadvertently experiences a modern-day miracle, and her subsequent reflections on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. More than a biography, Cheryl’s story contains exercises, dreams, visualizations, and experiences–from encounters with the modern mystic Peace Pilgrim to her own acceptance of cancer–that assisted her healing process. Others can use her hard-earned insights as a source of hope, inspiration, and practical advice. Relevant to anyone seeking personal growth and life wisdom, Profound Healing is not merely about dying or living. It is about discovering one’s life and living it fully while here.

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