Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 Focus: How I lead my life is “up to me,” but I must ignore the conditioning that society throws at me.

How we lead our lives is ultimately up to us. Those three words, “up to us,” can be the key, yet at the same time can also be a contradiction. How we lead our lives is “up to us,” but we must ignore the conditioning that society throws at us.

“Bigger,” “faster,” “better,” “more,” “upgrade,” “richer” — these words and more like them have become the new gods since the latter part of the last century. In the modern age, blinders have been placed over our eyes so that we cannot see the big picture. We see only a narrow view of life. We have lost touch with the fact that the pyramid of life, the soil, the trees, the air we breathe, water, the animals, rain and sunlight and ourselves are all part of one community.

Fortunately, a visible shift in perceptions is occurring today. We are letting go of being told what to believe and what not to believe. Today, we are increasingly empowering ourselves as individuals and within the community. We are also at last moving forward, evolving morally, extending rights and considerations to areas beyond our direct self-interest, in issues involving children, women, non-European races and animals. We are increasingly focusing on developing a healthier mind, body and spirit, and from this empowerment our focus will extend to the health of those around us, the environment — everything around us.

Excerpted from the article:
Animal Wisdom Connection: Renewing the Ancient Ways
by Gareth Patterson.

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