Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 Focus: I observe patiently and ready myself for opportunity.

Have you ever noticed how opportunities seem to drift your way at certain times like big waves that suddenly wash ashore? If you were a surfer, you might wait all day to find the right wave to ride — that incredibly big one with all of the power behind it. You would watch the tide and wait for the right timing.

Watching for the right wave and getting onboard on time is the trick to the surfer’s success. Not every moment holds the same opportunities, of course. Picking the right time is crucial. There is an optimum time for just about everything, if you watch patiently and ready yourself for the opportunity.

If you were to stay at the beach long enough with the surfers, you would notice that tides change periodically, and longer waves — while not frequent — do appear now and again with a certain pattern. Once again, the trick to catching them involves careful observation and patience. Being present when the big wave or opportunity appears is only half the trick, however. What you do with the opportunity is the other half of the trick.

Excerpted from the article:
Catching the Wave: Timing is of the Essence in Life
by Von Braschler.

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Perfect Timing: Mastering Time Perception for Personal Excellence
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