Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 Focus: I choose to question every single old belief I have ever held or am holding now.

Right Brain
Stop warring with yourself! Peace does not come from hating war. That only adds more hatred into life. Peace comes from loving peace. Stand up before the awesome mirror of your consciousness. Decree that you are not weak! You are not inferior! You are not inadequate! All these false beliefs must be left behind.

You have learned, or are learning now through experience, that your beliefs — true or false — have great power. Why then not make a pact with yourself now? Question every single old belief you ever held or are holding now, as well as all of these new ones coming your way. If you do this, using your own God-given reason as the guidepost, you will master and control your world. You will be the arbiter, the ruler of your destiny!

Remember, your mind is a container. Garbage in, garbage out! Get rid of the old garbage and refuse to allow any more old garbage that limits you in any way. Your self-image is highly important. If you truly love yourself first, then you will also be able to love others. If you distrust yourself, you will distrust others. What a choice! You experience what you give to life.

Excerpted from the article:
Changing Your Self-Image, Changing the Mirror of Your Experiences
by Dr. Michael J. Russ.

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