Saturday, March 29th, 2014 Focus: I take a deep breath and allow myself to imagine all of my potentials.

Potentials are bubbles of experiences that you can choose from. They’re almost unlimited, and when you use your imagination, you feel into those potentials. Then you can determine which ones you’re going to choose.

Yes, there are certain desires, things you would like to experience in a life­time, but they are just potentials. And you can change those potentials any time you want. How do you do it? You imagine into them, and then you choose.

Some of the greatest inventors, scientists, and thinkers were also the greatest imaginers. They went beyond their minds. They imagined. It’s one of the most potent tools you have, and one of the easiest tools to use. Imagination and choice create reality. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to imagine. Imagine openly, freely, wildly.

Excerpted from the article:
Incorporating Your Five Angelic Senses with Your Five Human Senses
by Geoffrey Hoppe, Linda Hoppe, and Adamus Saint-Germain.

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Live Your Divinity: Inspirations for New Consciousness
by Adamus Saint-Germain (transmitted by Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Hoppe).

In Live Your Divinity, the wisdom of Adamus comes through loud and clear in the plain-talking voice of Geoffrey Hoppe. Culled from Adamus’s messages given before live audiences around the world, these excerpts relay that, ultimately, personal growth and spiritual development can only be realized through an increased awareness of the very experience the reader is already having on their path of awakening.

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