Friday, March 7th, 2014 Focus: I choose to respect myself and others enough to speak my truth (from the heart).



Want to have a peaceful life? Be honest with yourself and others. Many times the things we hide are the very things that would set us free. Our ego mistakenly believes that it is doing us a favor by hiding the truth. However, love and openness — not pretense — are the key to attaining inner peace.

We can choose to live a life of pretension and “half-truths”. Or we can choose to be conscious of our words, our feelings, our inner knowledge and truth. We can become aware of our innermost feelings and thoughts — respecting whatever is true for us, at that moment.

When we live live mindfully and consciously, we live our life based on a foundation of respect: respect for ourselves and respect for others. And respect entails trusting someone enough to tell them “our truth” — and do it with love. To have harmonious relationships, they must be based on love and openness.

Excerpted from the article:
Is Lying Acceptable? Is It Healthy? Can It Bring Peace of Mind?
by Marie T. Russell.

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