Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 Focus: I release & let go of things that are not working for me.

Decide to be a victor and not a victim. Realize that it is you who deal life’s cards. If you do not like the cards you are holding, reshuffle the deck. If you still do not like your “hand,” get a new deck.

Release and let go of things that are not working for you. If allowed to remain, they can add pollutants that drain energy from your life.

Use your power to decide what stays in and what goes out of your life. Remember: it is your life.

Excerpted from the article:
Your Call to Action: Picking God’s Little Green Apples
by O.C. Smith & James Shaw.

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Little Green Apples: God Really Did Make Them!
by O.C. Smith & James Shaw.

This book is an action-directed life manual that teaches readers the form and formula for living life and living it abundantly. An astute and articulate observer of life, as a glancing review of his hit pop songs will prove to anyone, Rev. O.C. Smith, in writing this book, is ‘singing’ his best song yet. As you turn each page, be prepared to experience a powerful dose of O.C.’s joy, love, wisdom and happiness. Like the eye-opening taste of a crisp green apple, O.C. will wake you up to a new understanding of life.

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