Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 Focus: I focus on acting with kindness and compassion in all my interactions.

Focus on acting with kindness and compassion at least once a day. As you get in the swing of it, see if you can make this your focus in all your interactions.

If you can do this without expectation of rewards, not only will you be living your spiritual ideals, but also you’ll be building a deeper, stronger sense of self that does not depend on perceived fair treatment or recognition by others.

This is a powerful, albeit challenging, meditation in action that can rapidly transform your personality. Nothing is more integrating for the heart chakra than selfless, loving action.

Excerpted from the article:
Making Your Life A Meditation: Is Your Heart Chakra Open or Closed?
by Ajayan Borys.

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Effortless Mind: Meditate with Ease – Calm Your Mind, Connect with Your Heart, and Revitalize Your Life
by Ajayan Borys.

Beginners and long-term meditators alike will appreciate Ajayan Borys’s counterintuitive teaching that one needn’t control the mind to experience the benefits of meditation. With clear, user-friendly instruction, Ajayan presents classic techniques that can empower even beginners to experience deep, effective meditation and can help veterans go deeper. Offering eye-opening insights about finding growth and bliss in everyday life, Effortless Mind is filled with the practical and inspirational wisdom of a consummate teacher.

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