Thursday, February 13th, 2014 Focus: I pay attention to prophetic dreams and adjust my behavior accordingly.

Immediately after the Titanic sank, dozens of people reported canceling their trip because of dreams that foretold of the sinking.

In the wake of disasters, multiple reports of prophetic dreams and oracles often surface. It makes you wonder how many others had a similar warning but ignored it and paid the price.

Have you ever had what seemed to be a prophetic dream and later dismissed it as irrelevant because you adjusted your behavior accordingly?

Excerpted from the article:
Prophetic Dreams: A Crinkle In Time Giving Advance Warning?
by Ann Bolinger-McQuade.

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Everyday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us — by Ann Bolinger-McQuade.

It could be a cloud in the shape of a loved one’s face or an extremely relevant song playing on the radio at the exact time of a friend’s death — if we allow ourselves to stop, look, and listen, we can identify what spiritual teacher Ann Bolinger-McQuade calls personal oracles. And when we tune into these subtle messages from Spirit, we will discover guidance for navigating life’s most trying situations. In addition to illuminating oracles through examples, the author offers the reader practical instructions for identifying and decoding the divine messages in their own lives.

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