Monday, January 27th, 2014 Focus: I allow my passion to guide me to my right livelihood.

Right Brain
When you allow your passion to guide you to your right livelihood, you will be hard-pressed to call it “work.” While the Wright brothers were developing the first airplane, one of them told a reporter, “We can’t wait to get up in the morning!”

People who have found their true calling report that they are having so much fun, they feel like they should be paying people to let them do it. Yet they are paid well for their services, and rightfully so. Their gifts go far beyond the obvious service they perform; they are teaching (by example) authentic self-expression, which cannot be translated into dollars.

You don’t need to be a Wright brother to be able to look forward to your day. Just be you. Heed your natural instincts. When something lights you up, pursue it. When something shuts you down, step back. The world will not fall apart if you take care of yourself before your clients. It will come together.

Excerpted from the article:
Being True to Your Passion or Feeling Burnt Out?
by Alan Cohen.

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