Friday, January 10th, 2014 Focus: I allow myself to have patience and compassion with myself and others.

Imagine a huge, bright, pink energy of love flowing into your heart, cleansing and energizing it. Now, visualize a yellow light of fun and laughter dancing around your chest and making you feel lighter and happier. Be aware of any other images and feelings that come to you.

Say: “Divine Wisdom, allow my healing and transformation to occur with ease, grace, and softness. Allow me to have patience and compassion with myself and others, and to evolve at the right time and in the right pace. Thank you.”

Excerpted from the article:
The Saboteur Archetype Holds The Disowned Aspects of Your Heart
by Inna Segal.

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The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions — by Inna Segal.

Whether your challenge is physical, mental, emotional, or practical, Inna Segal helps you tap into your internal guidance system to achieve comprehensive wellness. With simple wisdom and easy and impactful exercises that can be integrated into one’s day-to-day life, she clears away the complexity to offer ‘must have tools’ for healing, transformation and evolution.

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