Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 Focus: I remain open and non-defensive when criticized.

What is defensiveness but a forceful attempt to deny or block information that might actually help you grow? When confronted with criticism, fair or unfair, try to observe your tendency to react defensively.

Hold back from blurting the first thing that comes to you and instead listen with curiosity to the other persons perspective. His or her perspective will certainly hold at least a grain of truth and possibly more. It is a precious opportunity for you to learn something about yourself, to perhaps see a blind spot of your own, an unintended consequence of your subconscious pattern of attention.

Even if the critique of another person is largely unwarranted, you can resist the contraction of ego and so exercise your muscles of ego expansion by responding with openness and curiosity. Criticism is a great gift if you can remain open and non-defensive.

Excerpted from the article:
Opening Your Throat Chakra: Standing in the Truth of Your Being
by Ajayan Borys.

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