Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 Focus: I care about what happens to others, and ask myself, what can I do?

Unfortunately, one of the repercussions of modern life with all our TVs and modern conveniences and big cities, is that we have become separated from our neighbors and from the people we see daily. We treat them all as strangers. We have become strangers in a strange land.

We must step out from the barriers of protection we have been living behind, and care. We must start seeing everyone as our family, as our brothers and sister. We must care about what happens to them, and then ask ourselves, what can I do?

Your part may be simple, it may be grandiose… Only you have the answer to that. But, we must keep asking ourselves, What can I do? And do it, now, in the moment. Not later when we have time, not later when we remember, not later if we get around to it. Keep asking yourself, what can I do now? As children of God or children of the Universe, we have a role to play. What is that role? Your answers will come as you keep asking yourself, “What can I do now?”

Excerpted from the article:
Going From Hiding to Caring: What Can I Do?
by Marie T. Russell.

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