Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 Focus: I choose my words so that they bring healing and strength to others.

The Woods are lonely dark and deep and ive got miles to go before I sleep
Our words have a tremendous power to bring healing and strength to another person or to hurt in a very deep way. How beautiful that we all have the capacity to bring healing to others. How sad that we also have the capacity to bring hurt by the way we use our words.

You can alter a person’s life in a very positive or very negative way. We should never underestimate the power we have to use our words for a positive effect on a person’s life or, in some cases, a lasting negative effect.

We all need positive words and acknowledgment. It’s a lot more fun and fulfilling to go for the positive and watch the blessings flow from your words. Everyone can benefit from your positive encouraging words.

Excerpted from the article:
Do Not Underestimate The Power of Words: To Heal or To Hurt
by Joyce Vissell.

Read more of this article…
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Please forward today’s Daily to a friend! Share the blessings 🙂


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