Sunday, December 15th, 2013 Focus: I avoid inflicting injury of any kind on myself or others.

It goes to eleven
The guidelines to protect your happiness and well-being are fairly simple. If you only want one, avoid inflicting injury on yourself or others. We could stop right there. If you are imaginative, you can extrapolate all 253 from that one.

There are ten, however, that are enormously helpful in a general way. Bear in mind that they are all a protection for your own well-being, in solitude or in community.

1. Avoiding killing, as far as possible;
2. Avoid sexual misconduct;
3. Avoid taking what is not given;
4. Avoid lying;
5. Avoid slander;
6. Avoid abuse;
7. Avoid idle gossip;
8. Avoid malice, or ill will;
9. Avoid avarice;
10. Avoid what are called false views.

These ten precepts are simple, but they can be followed, and they set up a foundation in which the rest of these sometimes exalted practices and transformations of experience can take place. Without these simple things, we are probably just building sandcastles.

Excerpted from the article:
Ten Guidelines to Protect Your Happiness & Well-Being
by B. Alan Wallace.

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