Sunday, November 17th, 2013 Focus: What am I going to do with my whole life?


Everyone gets only once around the clock in this lifetime. No one gets a second chance. This is it. Even as we postpone the decision, our lives are ticking away. We long for some quick solution to put an end to the demand on our lives, an end to our own procrastination. Yet each of us has the chance to live one great life and die one great death.

So each of us is faced with the option: Do I choose my destiny and grasp it every day of my life or do I spend my life waiting for it? Many of those who have made it in life had to break through impossible blocks, but they trusted in the possibility in life and did the impossible. Many of the great social reformers, from Emily Pankhurst to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, were imprisoned for their pains. But that only made their determination stronger.

Faced with overwhelming possibility and overwhelming demand, the question is “What do I?” What am I going to do with my whole life? Which of the many possible furrows am I going to plough? Which social demand will I commit to?

Excerpted from the article:
This Is Your Lifetime: You Don’t Get A Second Chance
by R. Brian Stanfield.

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