Friday, November 15th, 2013 Focus: With each experience, I am learning more about who I am, what I want, and how to create my life by choice.

The universe operates not by chance, but by scientific principles. Every day, every moment, you are building your consciousness. You are trying many different experiences on for size, and with each one you learn more about who you are, what you want, and how to create your life by choice.

Every failure and triumph you have charted; every kind heart and charlatan you have encountered; every foray into uncharted territory and the information you gleaned, have all contributed to your practical wisdom. You stand on the shoulders of all your mistakes, insights, laughter, tears, and years. Indeed you are taller for it!

Everything you have ever done has led you to become who and what you are today. All that you know and do is built on the lessons that paved the way to this rich and precious moment.

Excerpted from the article:
How Long It Took: One Step at a Time
by Alan Cohen.

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