Monday, November 11th, 2013 Focus: I have the undiluted freedom to create and live my life.

Just as we meet limits in the midst of life, we also find possibility, the undiluted freedom to create and live our lives. Everyday the sun rises is a new day full of possibilities. We do not have to approach today in the same way as we approached yesterday. Every week is a new week with a new set of tasks, demands, adventures, any of which reveal brand new possibilities.

This can be especially clear in a health crisis: when the doctor says you have three years to live, or one year, or a few months. There is still possibility. We have all seen people appraise their situation, affirm it, and then decide what they want to accomplish in their remaining time.

We can become whatever we decide. We are in charge of creating our own future (although we are not in control.) Many of the limits we create for ourselves are just that — self-imposed limits.

Excerpted from the article:
Days Full of Possibilities: You Are In Charge
by R. Brian Stanfield.

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