Monday, October 28th, 2013 Focus: I get in touch with the underlying emotions beneath my anger.

Invariably, when we feel the desire to forgive someone or something, we have at some time felt anger toward them or it. Anger actually exists as a secondary emotion. Beneath anger lies a primary emotional pain, such as hurt pride, shame, frustration, sadness, terror, or fear. Anger represents energy in motion emanating from the suppression of that pain.

All too often when people talk about letting go of anger or releasing anger, they really mean trying to get rid of it. They judge it as wrong and undesirable — even frightening. Since anger represents energy in motion, resisting it just keeps it stuck within us — until the volcano erupts.

The Radical Forgiveness process asks us to get in touch with not only the anger, but the underlying emotion as well. This means feeling it — not talking about it, not analyzing it, not labeling it, but experiencing it!

Excerpted from the article:
Anger: Love It, Then Leave It
by Colin C. Tipping.

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