Saturday, September 21st, 2013 Focus: I identify the type of future I wish to be a part of, then focus my creative intentional energies toward this goal.


Each of us must identify the type of future we wish to be a part of, then focus our creative intentional energies toward this goal. The choices we make must be coherent with the direction we wish to move toward. By creating and feeling this intention we accumulate great amounts of supporting energy. In this way we can overcome the array of debilitating social forces that fear this change.

The future is very much a human story. A story where the heart and consciousness together create what is truly needed for the future: a balance of our human relationships; expanded development for our children, not arrested development; harmonious work with the land and resources; and, above all, appreciation and gratitude.

Each of us is a great bundle of energy and we vibrate and resonate within a confluence of energy fields, waves, and connections. In other words, the human family shares a collective energetic field from which we can gain strength, support, and well-being. We are on the verge of coming together.

Excerpted from the article:
The Solution for Our Future? Asking The Right Kind of Questions
by Kingsley L. Dennis.

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