Here’s a question for the ages..

When you have been toiling at something you love for years and years, does one appreciate the effort… and learn from reaching goals that you thought were impossible at the beginning. Beginning with the premise that you will not visit family, cannot see the birth of your 1st Grandson and Granddaughter. Knowing that all you have done in the past has hurt you and those you love the most.
What drives this herculean effort that we as Human beings can accomplish if we try… Our flaws, our faults our lies our guilt. Take a deep breath…..We can sail through anything. If I have learned one thing….When having negative thoughts, and you construct a belief around an assumption, we can make that thought a reality. Seriously..
So if we can understand that Thoughts or something you think is really going to happen, will indeed happen. Thought- belief- behavior. When we hear negative, or positive thoughts our mind are telling us, remember it is only a thought. It is not real…Yet…Move towards the light.


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