Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 Focus: I use my imagination to change my thoughts and create a new image of myself.

Have you noticed that it’s your imagination acting inside you? You can do so much with your imagination! You can use it to create anxiety, problems and so on. Use your imagination to change your thoughts and create a new image of yourself.

You will be surprised to discover that your unconscious mind easily manages to do what you cannot do consciously. This means that the solutions it finds for you will always be in your best interests and those of others.

Remember this presupposition of NLP: “we are perfectly capable of succeeding whilst at the same time preserving the interests of others”. Entrust your unconscious mind and your energy with your problem and believe that it will sort it out. It will solve itself. Let it go.

Excerpted from the article:
Life Gives You Exactly What You Ask For
by Michelle-Jeanne Noel.

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